So before I use any stain powder, I have to test the mold. I test it for a few reasons: 1. To make sure the form is the right shape, 2. To time how long I need to leave the slip in before I pour it out again, 3. Check that the cup can easily be released  from the mold when it’s ready. 

You can see around the rim of the inside of the mold where the posture is getting drawn into the plaster. This is how you get an idea of how thick you’d like your cup to be. 

Then you pour the slip back out, into the bucket again. It can be re-used! I’ll leave it upside-down for about 30 minutes to drip dry. 

 The molds need to dry out again before I can use them. So back in the oven! 

The test cups look great! Happy with the form and how they release from the mold.