My test tiles came out of the kiln after their first fire. This is called a biscuit fire. They have only gone to about 1100°C in the kiln, so now all of the chemical what I has dried out. Next I need to glaze them. I have decided to test a white glaze and a clear glaze. I quite like the colors the way they are the moment but I know that they will probably change again in the final stoneware fire. Most likely, get more intense. 

 When they go into the stoneware fire, it gets to around 1280°C. I need to make sure that there isn’t any glaze on the underside of the tile because if there is, the whole tile will stick to the kiln shelf. 

the white tile you see actually had pink in it. However in the final firing the pink out. Sometimes this can happen at stoneware temperatureI really like this colour palette. Soft pastels with a strong, dark blue. The clear glaze works best on these test tiles. 

Now it’s time for more calculations so I can work out how much stain to put in about 3 L of stoneware slip. I also decided to give the green another test because I didn’t like how the first test tile came out so I thought I would decrease the amount of stain and try again.

Here is the first batch of yellow cups drying in the sun.